The American Mathematical Monthly

The American Mathematical Monthly (AMM) is a mathematical journal founded by Benjamin Finkel in 1894. It is published ten times each year by the Mathematical Association of America.

The American Mathematical Monthly is an expository journal intended for a wide audience of mathematicians, from undergraduate students to research professionals. Its readers span a broad spectrum of mathematical interests and abilities. 

The American Mathematical Monthly publishes articles, notes, and other features about mathematics and the profession. Articles are chosen on the basis of their broad interest and reviewed and edited for quality of exposition as well as content. In this the American Mathematical Monthly fulfills a different role from that of typical mathematical research journals. The American Mathematical Monthly is the most widely read mathematics journal in the world

Here you find the link to download the collection of AMM Journal in 19xx. The collection contains the AMM in full year, each year contains 10 issues. Each issue has a Problems and Solutions section where several new problems are proposed.

The Problems and Solutions section in AMM is not completed, it means that solutions to some problems are missing. Here you find the solutions to some problems in AMM which you may not found in AMM. These solutions are not official from AMM!. It will be also updated automatically here, once we have new solutions. Let come back this page to get new one!.


  1. I downloaded AMM journal collection, but a password is required to open the archive.
    Does anyone know this password?
    Pls e-mail me to

  2. actually the password is
    after all, I did

    1. thank you for your notice, sometimes it is, some times it is Enjoy AMM journals