1. Let ${AB}$ be a diameter of a circle ${\omega}$ and center ${O}$, ${OC}$ a radius of ${\omega}$ perpendicular to $AB$, ${M}$ be a point of the segment $\left( OC \right)$. Let ${N}$ be the second intersection point of line ${AM}$ with ${\omega}$ and ${P}$ the intersection point of the tangents of ${\omega}$ at points ${N}$ and ${B.}$ Prove that points $M$, $O$, $P$, $N$ are cocyclic.
  2. Circles ${\omega_1}$, ${\omega_2}$ are externally tangent at point M and tangent internally with circle ${\omega_3}$ at points ${K}$ and $L$ respectively. Let ${A}$ and ${B}$be the points that their common tangent at point ${M}$ of circles ${\omega_1}$ and ${\omega_2}$ intersect with circle ${\omega_3.}$ Prove that if ${\angle KAB=\angle LAB}$ then the segment ${AB}$ is diameter of circle ${\omega_3.}$
  3. Let $ABC$ be an acute-angled triangle with $AB<AC$ and let $O$ be the centre of its circumcircle $\omega$. Let $D$ be a point on the line segment $BC$ such that $\angle BAD = \angle CAO$. Let $E$ be the second point of intersection of $\omega$ and the line $AD$. If $M$, $N$ and $P$ are the midpoints of the line segments $BE$, $OD$ and $AC$, respectively, show that the points $M$, $N$ and $P$ are collinear.
  4. Let $I$ be the incenter and $AB$ the shortest side of the triangle $ABC$. The circle centered at $I$ passing through $C$ intersects the ray $AB$ in $P$ and the ray $BA$ in $Q$. Let $D$ be the point of tangency of the $A$-excircle of the triangle $ABC$ with the side $BC$. Let $E$ be the reflection of $C$ with respect to the point $D$. Prove that $PE\perp CQ$.
  5. A circle passing through the midpoint $M$ of the side $BC$ and the vertex $A$ of the triangle $ABC$ intersects the segments $AB$ and $AC$ for the second time in the points $P$ and $Q$, respectively. Prove that if $\angle BAC=60^{\circ}$ then $$AP+AQ+PQ<AB+AC+\frac{1}{2} BC.$$
  6. Let $P$ and $Q$ be the midpoints of the sides $BC$ and $CD$, respectively in a rectangle $ABCD$. Let $K$ and $M$ be the intersections of the line $PD$ with the lines $QB$ and $QA$, respectively, and let $N$ be the intersection of the lines $PA$ and $QB$. Let $X$, $Y$ and $Z$ be the midpoints of the segments $AN$, $KN$ and $AM$, respectively. Let $\ell_1$ be the line passing through $X$ and perpendicular to $MK$, $\ell_2$ be the line passing through $Y$ and perpendicular to $AM$ and $\ell_3$ the line passing through $Z$ and perpendicular to $KN$. Prove that the lines $\ell_1$, $\ell_2$ and $\ell_3$ are concurrent.

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